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Sister Lynn Winsor

Xavier College Preparatory

Lifetime Achievement Award

Sister Lynn with 44 years at Xavier College Preparatory, 41 years as its Athletic Director, has brought athletic and activity excellence to Xavier, Arizona and the Nation. Her leadership locally and nationally has changed and influenced the face of athletics especially in the areas of equity, coaches education, sportsmanship, athletic administration, coaches education and education based athletic and activity programs.

Her service on NFHS, NIAAA, AIA and AIAAA committees and boards has brought a sense of fairness, integrity and competence to these groups. Sister Lynn’s commitment to the value and importance of interscholastic athletics and activities is witnessed by her pioneering of girls’ soccer, girls’ lacrosse and girls’ beach volleyball programs here in Arizona.

Sister Lynn has been and is an advocate for Title IX, sportsmanship and the addition of high school sports programs into Arizona’s secondary schools. She has served as the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association President and participates is a variety of NIAAA, AIA and AIAAA committees and boards. Sister Lynn was one of the founders of the AIAAA. Her belief in and tireless work for the AIAAA has seen it grow to one of the nations most successful and honored state Athletic Administrator Associations.

She has spoken locally and nationally on issues which challenge athletic administrators, coaches, students, parents and fans. The awards and honors that Sister Lynn has received are a testament to her belief in the values of education based interscholastic athletics. Her advocacy for athletic administration as a career and the promotion of programs like the NIAAA Leadership Training Program are indicative of her dedication to the field of athletic administrations. She has been an advocate for coaches’ education and, in working with Xavier’s administration, has effected coaches’ certification and school financed coaches participation in clinics, conferences and classes.

Sister Lynn has been able to effectively serve in the fields of teaching, coaching and athletic administration while being a Religious Sister. With so much honor and respect across the nation, Sr. Lynn has received hundreds of awards. Its no wonder the first ever AIA Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Sr. Lynn. 


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